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Restoration Painting – patience & know-how

Restoration is something that can often set painters apart. Most painters can paint something straightforward like a ceiling or a wall, but when it comes to restoration work most don’t have the patience or the know-how to bring a project back to life just the way you want it.

Elite Painting SA is a multi award-winning painting company that DOES have the patience and know-how that’s required to give your project the TLC it needs. We have won awards for residential restorations and painting for both the interior and exterior categories.

Our highly skilled painters have completed hundreds of interior and exterior restoration painting projects for customers throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

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Metalwork Restoration Adelaide

Metalwork Restoration

Do you have metalwork, gates or fencing that needs repairing, restoring and protecting? Let the experienced, highly skilled painters at Elite Painting SA restore your metal work to its original condition and give it a new lease of life for many years to come.

Wrought iron lace work is a defining feature in many older style homes. Due to the lace work’s fine detail and hard to access nooks and crannies, rust can often appear and cause staining to the paintwork.

Elite Painting SA has been eradicating metalwork rust issues for many years using a variety of different rust treatment systems, we can rid your home of unwanted rust problems. If left untreated, rust will continue to spread and slowly destroy valuable features of your home.

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Timber Restoration Adelaide

Timber Restoration

Elite Painting SA restore windows, fascias, doors and weatherboards back to their original state. We can replace, treat and repair any damaged timber work in your home, restoring it to its former glory.

Decking is another type of wood that’s prone to timber rot, due to its exposure to the elements. Our experienced tradesmen can restore and repair tired decking and add new stain to bring it back to life.

Timber rot or wood rot can be the bane of a homeowners’ existence. We come across many houses with timber rot or wood rot issues, which is why we’re pleased to offer timber repair and treatment as part of our exterior house painting services.

Exposed timber balcony beams and pergolas, are just two common areas where timber rot or wood rot is likely to take hold. Weatherboard homes are also susceptible to timber damage.

Period Home Restoration

Period Home Restoration

It doesn’t matter if your home is Art Deco, Federation, Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian. When you choose Elite Painting SA, the same attention to detail will be given to every aspect of the renovation to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Painting period homes – especially in Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs, is one of our specialties. We involve the customer from the outset to ensure their wishes are fully understood.

If required, we can also create an authentic period colour scheme for consideration and approval – prior to the first brush stroke of paint being applied.

Period homes give Adelaide its unique character, and they are some of our favourite projects to work on. View our home restoration work and before and after galleries below.

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Restoration Painting Adelaide

Choose an award winner for your restoration project

Best Heritage Restoration Award Master Painters SA

Adelaide paint restoration specialist Elite Painting SA has worked on many Heritage restoration projects, from church restorations across Adelaide to the Capri theatre restoration at Goodwood.

We have also restored many Heritage listed homes in Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs and North Adelaide, meaning we have the know-how of working with Heritage listed properties and, if your project needs specialty paints like 2PAC, Porters Murobond or Killrust we know how to apply them to get the best results.

The Master Painters SA Awards for Excellence recognised Elite Painting SA with the award for:

2018/19 Winner – Best Heritage Restoration in SA

Which gives you the peace of mind, knowing we have what it takes to give you the best possible result for your next restoration project.

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Restoration Painting Adelaide – Before & After