Colour Matching

Choose the right colour every time with Elite Painting SA Colour Matching.


Colour Choices

Choosing the right Colours can often make or break a home. That’s why we are willing to assist if you need some help.

Often trying to visualize the finish result is not so easy if you don’t do it everyday, so we can even provide colour samples painted on your own home to help give you a better idea of what the finished result will look like.

Colour Matching

If you would like your project to be painted to your existing colours but have lost your info on the name of colours used, sit back and relax we can sort it out no problems.

We always carry Colour Fan Decks from all major paint suppliers so matching your existing colours is not too hard at all.

 Colour Tinting

Sometimes colours aren’t 100% exactly what you had hoped for and just need a little adjustment, or the colour tinting from the Paint Store isn’t 100% either.

Problem solved, we always carry onboard paint tinters for just this situation. With the full range of Colours we have, any adjustment can be done to your liking before it is applied.